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GUIDE: 10 Mechanical Watch Care Tips

Mechanical Watch Care

Watch care is important. In this post, we will give you 10 tips of how to take care of your mechanical watch.

A mechanical watch is more than just a timepiece. It is a symbol of classical engineering with a long and interesting history. A mechanical watch is built with a more precision than a regular quartz watch – but it also requires more care. Here are our 10 best tips for taking care of your mechanical watch, and making sure that it will serve you for a long time.

#1 – Wind it every day
A mechanical watch is constructed for everyday use. Keeping it still for long periods of time might cause watch part lubricants to congeal.

#2 – Wind it at the same time every day
The watch works best when it’s winded with consistency every day. We recommend doing it every morning.

#3 – Wind it before putting it on
We’d recommend winding it before putting it on the arm. The reason is that the crown otherwise might put pressure on the movement from the wrong angle, hence causing it damage. If you have an automatic watch, consider a watch winder.

#4 – Don’t overwind it
It is important to not wind a mechanical watch beyond resistance. Overdoing it might cause the mainspring to break.

#5 – Avoid swimming and showering
Most mechanical watches are water proof to 3ATM, meaning that they’ll survive rain, but not showering. Even if the watch might be waterproof up to 5ATM or more, chemicals found in pools (e.g., chlorine), as well as soaps and shampoos used when showering, might cause it damage.

#6 – Don’t pull the crown out when it rains
Pulling the crown out when it’s raining might cause water to enter the case – despite it being waterproof.

#7 – Avoid extremes of temperatures
Going from one extreme of temperature to another (e.g., being outside in extreme cold, or bringing the watch into a sauna) might cause watch parts to expand – thus damaging the movement. Extremes of temperatures might also lead to condensation inside the case, or cause the lubricants on watch parts to coagulate.

#8 – Be careful of the glass
There is no thing as a scratch free glass. Despite what the manufacturer claims, you might cause scratches on the glass if you’re not careful. Avoid laying it upside down on tables, and make sure to take it off when doing carpentry.

#9 – Avoid shocks
A mechanical movement is build with precision, and shocks might cause movement parts to break. A mechanical watch should not be worn while golfing, chopping wood, or biking on cobblestones.

#10 – Avoid magnetism
Magnetism can make the spirals of the movement hairspring to stick – causing the movement to run faster. Old watches are especially sensitive to magnetism. Avoid keeping your mechanical watch close to mechanical devices e.g., smart phones, loudspeakers, fridge magnets etc. However, if your watch is affected by magnetism, any local watchmaker knows how to demagnetize it.