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GUIDE: How To Wind Up A Mechanical Watch

how to wind up a mechanical watch

In this post, we explain how to properly wind up a hand wound mechanical watch.

Congratulations to you if you’re the owner of a hand wound mechanical watch. The hand wound movement is a classical, yet complex, piece of engineering.

In comparison to a regular quartz (i.e., battery) watch, a hand wound watch is unique and special. However, the uniqueness also requires more attention from its owner. For instance, winding it can be a tricky part if you’re now aware of it.

Here is a video with instructions of how to properly wind up a mechanical KARLEX™ watch:

Instructions for how to wind up a hand wound mechanical watch:

Step 1. Make sure that the crown is not pulled out

Step 2. Turn the crown gently clockwise

Step 3. Stop when you feel a resistance (it is important not to overwind it)

Depending on the movement, your watch will now have power for a certain amount of hours. For more information, see our guide How A Mechanical Watch Works.

For further reading about hand wound mechanical watches, we recommend the following links:

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What is your opinion on hand wound mechanical watches? Do you even like hand wound, or do you prefer automatic? Leave a comment and let us know!