Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

My watch is not working properly. What could be the error?

The watch has a mechanical movement that needs manual wind up in order to start. This video shows how to do it correctly:


Are KARLEX™ watches water proof?

They are rainproof, but not showerproof.

Why have I not received an order confirmation?

An order confirmation is always sent automatically. If you haven't received yours, perhaps it has ended up in your trash mail inbox (common on @hotmail-adresses).

When is my order shipped?

If you place your order before 08:00 on a weekday, we will ship your order the same day. Otherwise, your order will be shipped the next weekday.

How long does it take for a watched to be shipped?

Depending on where you live, international shipping can take anything from 2 to 4 days with DHL (international) or Postnord (Sweden).

How do I return a product?

Contact us and we will help you.

My watch is broken, can I get it replaced?

Yes, we will replace your watch if you have warranty left. Contact us for instructions. Also, before contacting us, make sure that you have followed our wind-up video instruction:




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